Mount Robson and Berg LakeLOCATION: Mt. Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia

DIRECTIONS: Just west of Jasper National Park

LENGTH:  2 Days ( Plus 1-2 extra days for excursions or iceberg watching.)

DIFFICULTY:  Moderate.

Mist GlacierDETAILS: The trail initially traverses the thick forest following the Robson River. After passing Lake Kinney the trail heads up the main valley which is fairly open and commonly follows the wash of the braided river. A few logs are in place to assist in the occasional river crossing. High above several waterfalls can be seen cascading down the valley's upper cliffs giving the valley the nickname "Valley of a Thousand Falls." After climbing substantially past White Falls, Falls of the Pool and the impressive Emperor Falls one can see Mist Glacier. Not much farther and one comes upon Berg Lake and the beauty of the backside of Mt. Robson. Berg Glacier is still advancing, thus it feeds the lake daily with numerous mini-icebergs. Hargreaves Glacier and Lake

Worthy side hikes include trips up to Toboggan Falls and Hargreaves Lake and Glacier. A spur trail clings to the mountain's side connecting the two destinations making a loop trip possible from Berg Lake.


Glacier polished landscape near Hargreaves GalcierToboggan Falls